Celebrity Social Media: Self-run or Publicist?


Celebrities are known to be some of the busiest people in the world: movie shoots, interviews, red carpet events, photo shoots, advertisements… how do they keep themselves in check AND post on Twitter every few hours?

Here are 10 Celebrities with the best social media skills. But do they really run their accounts?

It’s very rare that they do.

**PR Professionals enter here**

The truth behind the millions of followers and thousands of likes: US. PR PEOPLE.

Celebrity social media is not only becoming a job for public relations specialists in Hollywood, but an industry.

Celebrity Instagram accounts and Tweets are becoming a fully orchestrated ordeal. You thought that bikini picture was just a quick snapshot of what they’re actually doing right now? Of course not. Reality is that their probably on a plane to another country for another interview or shoot and that picture was taken after hours of makeup, hair, professional stylists and photographers, and Photoshopping.

Celebrities aren’t perfect people, but social media has failed the public to make them believe they most definitely are — with some help from a team of people.

Although that team includes stylists and professional photographers, it also includes one (or sometimes a whole team) of public relations people to Tweet, Insta, Snapchat, and record every second of the celebrities life.

It’s not an easy job, though. Chances of you getting to be a guest on their private jet over the Atlantic to a foreign country is RARE. But they might send you a quick text with what they want posted and it’s your job to interpret it as best you can. YOU are the face of these celebrities. The pressure is most definitely high.

The wrong tweet, picture or thought could lead to this celeb’s reputation plunging. Could you handle having a celebrities fate in your hands?

And the truth is that social media most definitely controls the fate of most celebrities today. That’s why social media is so important! Relevance.

In order to maintain popular in the public’s eye, it’s important that they have dedicated and engaged fans following their every post and giving them the “l” (like) on every post.

The major key? The ratio of likes/comments to followers. And that’s also the way you’ll measure your success as a celebrities PR specialist. Are the comments positive? Are they getting more than a million likes on every post? Did one post get only 100,000 likes — if so, you should probably delete it…

There’s so many aspects in this world. And just like business people, celebrities need to endorse themselves and any brands/movies/shows they are a part of in order to remain popular and relevant.

Moral of the story: a new industry of public relations has been created and thousands of us are running after it… but is that a smart move? You might want to rethink the life of the rich and famous before you start tweeting about it. Is a celebrities reputation worth the paycheck? That’s up to you, my friend.


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