How To Control the Tabloids in 3 Simple Steps

Everyone and their mothers are trying to take down the hottest celebrities — whether it be by releasing sex tapes, bikini pictures exposing any tiny centimeter of cellulite or a scandalous expose the celeb’s personal love life.

So with everyone working against the celebrities public relations team, how does a smart public relations specialist CONTROL the media?

  1. Give the media exactly what they’re asking for.

If someone is going to release the images or stories on their own time, why not just do it yourself and ensure that you have complete control over the situation? As a celebrity’s public relations representative, you get the stories first. You have first-hand access to everything in that person’s life, and you can choose to sell whatever you want for the celebrity’s benefit. I’m NOT saying you should sneakily steal those nude pictures off their phone… But if you sense a scandal is arising, take control of it. Spin the story in a way that might work for the celeb and not against, and be the first one to reach out to the top (most reliable) media companies. When a tabloid gets the story from the celebrity directly, their readers are going to think of them as a more credible, reliable source for Hollywood’s best gossip.

2. Damage control.

Okay, so you didn’t get to the media in time to create your own spin. Now it’s time for damage control. Now is your time to shine as an entertainment public relations professional — how do you turn a disaster into a dream? There are ways; you just have to find a positive spin to a negative situation.

For example, see my very first blog post about Kylie Jenner. When tabloids and news outlets started accusing her of plastic surgery and lip injections, at first, she denied it. Not the smartest play on her part, but when she was finally (only a short time later) convinced by her sisters to come out with the truth, she used it as an opportunity to build her brand. She used this experience to show young girls that you should be comfortable in your own skin (although this started the Kylie Lip Challenge movement… but she handled that gracefully, too, with the same message) and launched her sold-out Kylie Lip Kit. She turned a disaster into a dream: now her lip kits sell out in 22 seconds or less.

3. Be transparent.

All other suggestions aside, if you’re transparent with the media, they’ll be transparent with you. When a sex tape of Britney Spears and short-time hubby Kevin Federline was released by an outside source, many media outlets contacted her public relations team personally to let them know they weren’t running the story due to her transparency with the issues she was facing thanks to the media. When one of the reporters didn’t take Britney’s plea seriously, she sued them for libel. The media had completely ruined her career at this point. Thank God for good a good PR team, right Britney? I’m sure your Las Vegas show wouldn’t be sold out if it weren’t for us little PR people. : )

Moral of the story: take advantage of the obsessed paparazzi and tabloid people. They’re desperate for stories, so why not just lay all of the best information right in their laps? I’m sure they won’t know what to do with themselves.

What are your best suggestions for dealing with tabloid crisis’?



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