10 Most Influential Musicians

The Grammy Awards last weekend sparked a lot of gossip, drama and debate — who are today’s biggest artists? Who has the biggest influence on society?

Well here’s the Grammy’s list of the 1o most influential artists of the moment:

10. LL Cool J.

9. Lady Gaga. She killed it at the Superbowl this year, so it’s no surprise she made the cut. She also is very opinionated and loud about her concern for social issues. Intel even sponsored a powerful tribute to the late David Bowie by Lady Gaga, which showed the company and Gaga’s influential impact.


8. Tori Kelly. 

7. Bruno Mars. 

6. Kendrick Lamar. 

5. Adele. Adele released her album 25 this year which took over the music charts. Her song “Hello” has become iconic. Even the pitchiness and technical issues during her Grammy performance didn’t affect this artist’s star power.

4. Skrillex. 

3. Taylor Swift. Taylor had a record year. Not only did she walk away from the Grammy Awards with Album of the Year, but she became the first female to win AOTY two times.


2. Justin Bieber. Justin had a record year, as well. His new album Purpose: The Movement has been on the charts for months now with several number one hits. He’s turned his life around with his new album, and the world has finally noticed him in a more “adult” light. He also walked away with his first Grammy this year — congrats Justin!

1. Kanye West. Despite the artist’s decision not to attend the Grammy’s, he’s still number one. Kanye’s exposed the good, bad and the ugly this year. He recently was asked to tweet more, so he did, sharing that he was $53 million in debt. But he just dropped a HUGE album the day before the Grammy’s, The Life of Pablo, which has led some to call him the modern-day, American Mozart. He also married Kim Kardashian, a name known to most these days thanks to her families immense influence on the entertainment industry. He also announced that he would boycott the 2017 Grammy Awards unless he is guaranteed “Album of the Year.” Kanye’s publicity and fame have put him in the number one spot.



Here are the best and worst moments of this year’s Grammy Awards according to Rolling Stone, featuring many of the artists above.

Who do you think is the most influential on this list?


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