Why PR Loves Valentines Day

What is PR’s favorite holiday?

It’s Valentines Day, the only day of the year solely dedicated to love.

So “Why,” you might ask. Valentines Day is one of the only holiday’s that isn’t sensitive towards a certain race, religion, or tragic event. There’s also a lot of opportunity in the word love.

Most brands can relate back to love. Valentines Day is about relationships, sex, marriage, gifts, economics (it’s a HUGE consumer holiday), loneliness (if you happen to be alone on V-Day), rom-com’s, etc. Just about any company or PR professional can make a bridge between the client and this holiday.

Who else loves Valentines Day?

Journalists. It’s the perfect time to pitch to journalists because they know V-Day comes with lots of opportunities for them to write good stories. Valentines Day is about profit, so magazines and newspapers often make more money during Valentine’s Day when companies and consumerism are thriving.

So if you’re smart this Valentines Day, take advantage of everyone’s gushy hearts and wallets and get pitching — it’s the perfect opportunity for any brand.

Here is a list of the 18 best, worst and weirdest Valentine’s Day PR stunts. What do you think are the best, worst or weirdest Valentine’s Day PR stunts you’ve seen?




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