It’s All About the Networking

If there’s anything you need to know about entertainment public relations, it’s that IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NETWORKING.

Networking is your key to getting into the industry and thriving once you do.

As a public relations professional in the entertainment industry, you must be adverse to every single type of public relations. Media relations, press releases, fact sheets, damage control, blogging, communications, etc — it’s all crucial knowledge to making it big in the industry. But another skill you must have is being social. That doesn’t mean partying with all the big names and celebrities every night; it means sparking up a conversation and making connections with everyone who’s anyone.

Example: You’re shopping at Whole Foods in NYC. You turn down the frozen aisle and see Samantha Jones walking towards you (it’s obvious by her strikingly scandalous outfit and pumps). You know Samantha’s name doesn’t have the best reputation in the PR industry, but you do know that she knows EVERYONE. The smart move here is to introduce yourself — there might be a chance she invites you to the book reveal party she planned for her BFF Carrie tonight where you could meet every big name in the PR and Publishing businesses.

^^ That is networking: Making connections to make more connections in the future.

My advice for you:

Save up all the money you can and move to Los Angeles. Work for free for any entertainment public relations firm you can get your foot in the door at. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Get to know everyone who works there and everyone they know and everyone they know. By the time you run out of money, you’re destined to know someone who works at the Entertainment PR firm across the street who’s looking for a new entry level PR person. You’re welcome.

In the words of Samantha Jones, “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party, I just believe in parties.”


Here is a link to five essential steps for successful PR networking so you don’t end up like Samantha.

5 Essential Steps For Successful PR Networking



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